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Belize mission

Belize Mission March 22 (Sun) - March 28 (Sat) 2020

​Physicians, dentists and support personnel needed.  

This mission is designed to bring medical/dental care to the people of Southern Belize and the migrant workers from Honduras & Guatemala. 

We will work three days in Santa Cruz, Belize. Our patients will come via buses and plantation transportation to our clinic. We are expecting 350+ daily.

We will be staying the town of Placencia, Belize. You will have a

Thursday as a free day for snorkeling, scuba diving or chilling out on

the beautiful beach in front of our hotel.

Team Leader: Douglas Schildhaus, DMD

Phone number: (516) 526-2015   Email: :

 Donation for the Mission is $2985 



FDoA Belize Medical Mission 2020 (pdf)